The British Franchise Association is the voice of ethical franchising in the UK, the Trade Association for those who pass accreditation, and educator to the many potential individuals and businesses that consider franchising.

It is just as important for the bfa to encourage and help those businesses and individuals who are suitable for franchising and where franchising is right for them, as it is to educate those unsuitable to the industry of the many aspects to be considered.

The franchise industry has grown significantly over the past 30 years and the bfa’s role remains to ensure that it retains its ethical image, commitment to best practice and robustness – even in the toughest of economic climates.

As well as providing information and advice to businesses wanting to franchise or people considering joining a franchise, the bfa also works closely with its members to help advance their expertise in the industry and speaks on their behalf to the media and government.

In recent years, the bfa has developed to include work around the engagement of franchisees into the Association; it has developed awareness campaigns to consumers; it has launched industry recognised qualifications in the shape of the Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP); it has developed Nationally recognised educational franchise seminars and, more recently, the bfa has launched the first UK Franchising Trust. Further details of all of these can be found throughout this website.

In the early days, franchising was concentrated in a limited number of markets, predominantly fast food, motor distribution and hotels – with a degree of uniformity in each section’s structure and operation. Now many different business sectors are represented from insurance services, hairdressing and quick print and design, to video rental and roof thatching. Each business has its own characteristics and pitfalls. Against this changing background, the bfa has developed standards to ensure that potential franchisees can continue to give credence to bfa accreditation.