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Finding out more about the care and support workers at Avant

We love to communicate with our care and support workers and discover the challenges they face and the rewards they get working with with Avant.

In this series during carers week www.carersweek.org we speak to a selection of our care and support workers and discuss the challenges they face and how the support of the local community can help.

Below is the first in the series.

Why did you start working in care?
I did have a small amount of experience in care working in a care home in Slough (before I had my own children). When getting back into the workplace I then decided to try care in the home and I love it. I would say I have always been interested in care.

What do you enjoy about your role?
I love discovering the history of the people I care for. I love making them smile and spending quality time with them. The real reward comes from being able to make them laugh and make them happy as some of them don’t have anyone to talk to.

What challenges do you face?
The biggest challenge is dealing with any sickness or if a client is sad or unhappy and having a difficult day, this takes longer to do the call and it’s hard seeing people like that. Salary is always a consideration and a challenge but Avant are very flexible with pay and our working hours.

Do you feel supported?
With Avant there is loads of support and always somebody around to help us. If you’re struggling or can’t find something we can phone the office or another carer to help.

What businesses in the community make your life easier?

We take clients out and about and Boots are often the most helpful. They help with all sorts of things and Marks and Spencer’s as well. Especially when we sit down for a coffee they always have staff ready to help.

I have never had a problem in my local community. Although I don’t think my role is fully understood by the local community. I don’t think they really understand all the extra miles we go and the things we do. New carers even when they start can get a shock when they start to see all of the things we actually do for people. I think it’s hard for people to understand without actually doing it.

If feel you can make a difference to the lives of our customers, please call the Avant team to find out more on 0203 805 0610 or email us on [email protected]

Thank you to the care and support workers who took time out of their busy lives to chat with us and help us put these case studies together.

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