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Recipe for chicken soup - Boost your immune system

Eat your way to good health – foods to boost your immune system

We all know that eating well is important, we’ve all heard, ‘you are what you eat’, but did you know that by taking a few simple steps, adding in an ingredient here and taking an extra rest there, you can actively strengthen your immune system and try to ward off some common bugs?

Drawing on resources from across the internet, we’ve gathered together some facts, figures, recipes and simple do’s and dont’s around strengthening your immune system.

Immune system – the facts

Probably the most important thing to know is that the key to a strong immune system isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about how you treat your body, your mind and your whole self.

Things to do to encourage a strong immune system

  • Have a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables (don’t forget to have your 5 a day)
  • Top immune boosting foods are: citrus fruits; red peppers; broccoli; garlic; ginger; spinach; yoghurt; almonds; brazil nuts; turmeric; green tea; papaya; kiwi fruit; beetroot; poultry; sunflower seeds; shellfish
  • Take gentle exercise if possible
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid stress

Things that can weaken your immune system

  • Eating fatty foods
  • Smoking
  • Too much sugar
  • Too much alcohol
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Stress

Foods to eat everyday
Not sure exactly what foods you should be eating every day? The NHS website has produced a great picture of the types and amounts you should be trying to eat here.

Immune system boosting recipes
Below we’ve given you links to plenty of websites where you can find ‘immune boosting’ recipes, but we’ve also chosen two of our favourites for you to try at home.

Carrot and houmous roll-ups

Immune-system boosting Chicken Soup

Additional information about healthy eating and keeping your immune system strong

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