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An opportunity to make a difference – your business, our support, your success.

Avant Healthcare Services Ltd was created to provide quality, sustainable care services. Its foundations were based on an enviable combination of experience and knowledge gained from an owner who has more than 17 years of sustainable success in the care sector.

Sally Graham started her first business in 1996 as a franchisee and quickly built up a highly successful multi-site operation covering nine territories. Sally sold her business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies in 2010 and then began work on her new venture ably supported by Deepa Dungar, Operations Manager and a shareholder in the new operation. Deepa has worked with Sally for eight years, playing a major part in the success of the previous business.

Avant’s Values

Aspirational = to give outstanding quality of care to every single person
Virtue = to have moral excellence
Accountability = to be responsible and learn from our mistakes
Nurturing = to be always caring and compassionate
Trustworthy = to be totally open and honest.