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Domestic help / Housekeeping

Our care and support workers can help from one hour to living with you. Perhaps you need someone once a week to help with cleaning your house. Perhaps, you need someone to live with you Monday to Friday to help pay the bills, clean the house every day, change your bed linen, make your bed, helping walk the dog and shopping.

Perhaps you need someone all the time to live with you. You will be personally introduced to your team of care and support workers.

We tailor make all our housekeeping services and domestic help plans to suit your needs and ensure that we treat people in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

What kind of care and support do our housekeeping services provide:

Our housekeeping services and domestic cleaning services help a wide range of people including:

• Older people
• People with Dementia/Alzheimer’s
• People with Mental Health issues
• People with Physical Disabilities
• People with Learning Disabilities
• Palliative care
• Care after a stroke
• People requiring help during rehabilitation
• People with Parkinson’s
• People with Acquired brain injury
• People with a Spinal injury
• People with Multiple sclerosis
• People with Motor Neurone
• Children and their families
• Other specialist conditions.

We help with the challenges of everyday life from domestic to more specialist support and complex care. We take a person centred approach and listen and understand the needs of our customers.

Please call 0203 8050610 today, or email us at [email protected] for more details on the full range of housekeeping services we can offer to assist you and your family.