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Acquired brain injury

The effects of a brain injury can be wide ranging, and depend on a number of factors such as the type, location and severity of injury.

Every person’s injury is unique, so they will experience any number of the symptoms, which can range from mild to severe – this is reflected in the range of brain injury care options that we offer.

During our initial meeting with you and/or your family, we spend time discussing your or your loved ones needs, background, history, culture and medical condition so that we can match the right care and support worker to you.

We will ensure our care and support staff have the relevant experience and/or training. We utilise the resources at charities such as Headway – the brain injury association, in order to continually develop our training for our care and support staff.

We tailor make each brain injury care package for each customer with a brain injury. Matching our professionals and our customers to your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

For more details on the brain injury care services we can offer you and your family please call us on 0203 8050610 or email us at [email protected]