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Palliative Care

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialised care for people with serious illnesses.

Palliative Care will also include End of Life Care. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and physical stress and involves psychological, social support for you and your family whatever the diagnosis. Our goal is to provide care to improve quality of life, by increasing comfort, promoting dignity and providing a support system to the individual who is ill and those close to them.

Palliative care is appropriate for anyone of any age who is facing serious illness. It can be delivered alongside active treatments designed to try to prolong life at an early point in the disease process. It is also applicable at the end of life and into bereavement.

Palliative care neither hastens nor prolongs death. It celebrates life, even when time is limited. It regards dying as a normal process. During our initial meeting with you and your loved ones, we will spend time talking through the best ways that our care and support workers can help in this difficult time.

Our care and support staff are trained in end of life care and understand that the customer’s needs, wishes and preferences are paramount. Little things can really matter and we will do anything to improve a customer’s final days.

Some people have strong views on their care leading to death. They may have this written in a living will. This may address treatments a client may like to receive or that they may want to decline. We will discuss this with our customers where this is appropriate.

We train our care and support workers in palliative care and utilise charities such as Dying Matters to further develop our training and knowledge.

Please call 0203 8050610 or email us today at [email protected] for more information on the range of palliative care and support services that we can offer you and your family.