Avant Career Testimonials

At Avant, we’re very proud of all our hard working staff, and the difference they make to our customers. We are committed to providing the best working environment and rewarding staff for the work that they do. This is reflected in the glowing Avant career testimonials given to us by our team.

Find out more about what the job entails by reading our informative blog post — ‘A day in the life of a care and support worker’.


I thoroughly enjoy working for Avant, the caring attitude not just touches the customers, but staff as well. This makes coming to work an absolute pleasure.

Beata Buckingham, Branch Manager (Hillingdon)

I have enjoyed my time working at Avant due to the fact that I feel supported constantly from your line manager all the way up to the owner of the company. Everyone has a hands-on approach no matter what their job role is. It is a pleasure to be part of the company.

Natalie Foster, Service manager – Chiswick, Isleworth and Brentford

After over 27 years in the health and social care sector, I can say with confidence that there is something very special and exhilarating about Avant’s work ethos and commitment to quality care provision.

Mike Horgan, Non Executive Director

I am so proud to work for Avant and represent a company that extends so much respect to its employees and customers. The company gives you the support you need.


Working for Avant is great, as a Care & Support Worker I feel that I am really making a difference to the lives of the customers and there is a great sense of teamwork within the company.


This is my first job since leaving college and I enjoy meeting new people. As a Care & Support Worker I am finding it very rewarding and I have a team of very supportive colleagues who help with any issues that I may have.


I started with Avant as a Care & Support Worker and have worked my way up to Field Care Supervisor. Avant sets their standards high to ensure that they deliver hire quality and professional care. I am proud to be part of this company.


I have been a Field based Manager for nearly 6 years now. I love this job because I enjoy meeting different people and knowing I can make a difference to them. It might be to help them get washed and dressed or something to eat, sometimes it as simple as just being there for company and someone to chat to.

No two days are the same so no time to get bored, the variety of work is also something I like and to be out and about not sat in one place is great. There is the sad part to the job when customers pass away but knowing you helped to make their last time happy and comfortable and in their own home is solace enough.

Debbie, Field based Manager