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Sally Graham

Mentoring from Sally can help you go multi-territory more quickly

If you want to grow a franchise business fast, choose your franchise carefully.

“Creating a multiple-territory business can be satisfying and lucrative, but can be challenging if you have not done it before. It pays to look for a franchisor that offers you the benefit of its expertise in achieving this,” says Sally Graham, founder and managing director of Avant Healthcare Services.

“The key to swift growth is opening multiple franchise territories, based on the same model,” she says. “With a growth-focused franchise you can expand your business and increase your income far more quickly than by setting up a business on your own.”

Sally has proven expertise in building a multiple-territory franchise: she started her first business as a franchisee in the home care sector in 1996 and quickly built it into a multi-site operation covering nine territories. By 2010, turnover was £12m.

She sold the business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies, before setting up Avant.

“The Avant Healthcare Services franchise was designed from the word go to help franchisees go multiple fast,” says Sally. “I know from personal experience that this brings many benefits.”

Once a franchisee has set up and successfully run their first territory, she explains, the experience and the income from the first can be used to help set up more.

“The ability to run several franchise territories from one head office brings with it economies of scale and allows you to get better deals on bulk-buying items such as stationery and consumables,” she adds. “As you add more territories, the benefits increase.”

As well as mentoring from Sally – an experienced, growth-oriented founder with a strong background in the care sector – Avant also offers scope for growth. “Avant Healthcare Services still has key territories available across the country, so you can get started fast and add extra territories as soon as you are able and the core business is viable,” says Sally.

“If you are ambitious, willing to work hard and keen to grow a big business in a short period, get in touch now.”

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