The Opportunity

An opportunity to make a difference – your business, our support, your success.

The Avant story

Avant Healthcare Services was established to provide quality, sustainable care services. Its foundations were based on an enviable combination of experience and knowledge gained by its founder, who has enjoyed almost two decades of sustainable success in the care sector.

Sally Graham started her first business in 1996 as a franchisee and quickly built up a highly successful multi-site operation covering 9 territories and turning over £12 million. Sally sold her business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies in 2010 and then began work on her new venture, ably supported by Deepa Dungar, Operations Manager and a shareholder in Avant. Deepa has worked with Sally for eight years, playing a major part in the success of her previous business.

Sally wanted to use her knowledge, experience and track record to help others start and develop thriving home care businesses and replicate the success that she has achieved. As a highly successful former franchisee herself, she believes she has the practical exposure and experience to be able to help Avant franchisees enjoy success through her experience. Sally’s vision is to create a successful franchise network that provides high quality services which make a real difference to the independence of those it supports.

“We chose Avant because we want to emulate Sally’s success. She has done it before, twice in fact, refining the business model over the past 20 years. The team are passionate about standards, about guiding us to succeed; after all, the more money they help us make, the more money they make! It’s a win-win situation for all…!”
Melinda Bailey – Avant Healthcare Worcester

The Avant franchise

To develop Avant’s franchise model alongside Sally and Deepa, highly experienced care franchisor Mike Horgan was brought in to the business. Mike has worked in care for 30 years, including previously heading up up a £320-million operation in health and social care, which included the market leader in franchised domiciliary care services at the time. The trio form a formidable team of experience and expertise, which was crucial to achieving Sally’s vision.

There are a number of key factors which are required to make a successful home care business. The Avant model focuses on sustainable growth based on great quality services delivered by great people. We believe that quality and excellent service counts for a lot, and unlocks opportunities in a growth market with longevity. We think quality comes before quantity, and it is this approach which has given Sally her success.

The Avant model is also about choosing the right people, so we have a robust selection process prior to awarding a territory to a franchisee. It’s not an easy process, but that’s because creating something special never is! However if you are successful, you will get all the support you need to make your business the success it deserves to be. We are determined to be the best rather than racing to simply be the biggest, thus ensuring we grow through quality, rather than quantity.

Franchise success happens when franchisee and franchisor values are aligned. This is what our business stands for:

Avant’s Values

Aspirational = to give outstanding quality of care to every single person
Virtue = to have moral excellence
Accountability = to be responsible and learn from our mistakes
Nurturing = to be always caring and compassionate
Trustworthy = to be totally open and honest

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