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How we help franchisees meet care recruitment opportunities

Don’t let alleged talk of carer recruitment concerns put you off investing in a care franchise: Avant Healthcare Services has the experience to help you recruit for growth.

Owning a homecare business can deliver the satisfaction of benefiting your community and making a good living, but recruiting and retaining your care team couldbe a challenge without the right tools and know how. Hence the importance of getting into the care business with the right franchise.

“One of the most important goals facing care providers is attracting and retaining high-quality, committed staff – and at Avant Healthcare Services we help our franchisees do just that,” says Avant founder Sally Graham.

Having started her first homecare franchise business in 1996, Sally has first-hand experience of recruiting and training care staff. “Recruiting, training and retaining the right staff were key to my business, which I quickly built into an operation with a turnover of £12m, before I sold it to set up Avant,” says Sally.

“That’s how I know the whys and hows of developing and inspiring care staff, so that they meet the standards required to gain the Care Certificate that health and care professionals must have, but that they also deliver the very highest levels of personalised, attentive care that our clients expect.

“It’s that in-depth knowledge, skill and expertise that Avant Healthcare uses to support our franchisees in training and retaining their care teams.”

Recruiting, training and retaining staff can be a minefield for people setting up health care businesses on their own, but Avant Healthcare franchisees get extensive help and support with this.

The franchise package includes:

  • An operations and training manual.
  • Expertise in key staff recruitment, one of the care sector’s biggest challenges.
  • A staff induction training pack to help grow a passionate, quality-focused team.
  • Ongoing updates on legislation changes and advice about how this affects staff training.

“Avant franchisees also get access to our intense retention process and strategy, to help retain care staff. This is important because seeing a familiar face regularly benefits our clients’ mental and physical health,” says Sally.

“Efficient recruitment processes and retention programmes also reduce costs – which is good for business performance.”

To discover more about how Avant Healthcare Services can help you get into the growing home care sector, contact us today.

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