The Value of Companionship

At Avant we understand the importance of companionship. Loneliness is a horrible and a painful process that isolates and  has a huge negative impact on people.

A report by Age UK found that half a million older people don’t see or speak to another person for 5-6 days each week. This shouldn’t be the case, no one should feel lonely or isolated within their own home.

Most people will feel lonely at some point in their lives. It’s an extremely personal experience that – in most cases – will thankfully pass. But for a growing number of people, particularly those in later life, loneliness can define their lives and have a significant impact on their wellbeing. 

Our customers come from a world of running a home, having children running around, having a partner, their lives busy and then one day it all stops.

At Avant we have learnt that our customers don’t get used to the change of being on their own. People need people. People need to feel a sense of belonging and looking forward to events that keep their minds active with conversation and social activities.

Today’s modern world is faster and more demanding than ever and this adds a strain to families who want to do more but time never seems to be on their side!!

There are many health risks that are linked to loneliness – including dementia, mental health issues, heart disease etc

Poor health, loss of mobility can stop people leaving their home and failing to deal with bereavement and the anguish that comes from living and not sharing their day to day experiences with someone. Social interaction is as important as the oxygen we breathe.

At Avant healthcare we feel it’s so important to find carers who carry our values: – Aspirational, Virtue, Accountability, Nurturing and Trustworthy. These values allow us to help support clients and find ways to contact the community, enjoy shopping trips, a trip to a garden centre and enjoy a cup of tea and cake together.

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