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Elderly Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas Gift ideas for your elderly loved ones

With less than a month until Christmas, it won’t be long until the festive season is here again. We still have a few weeks to go, but you may have already started thinking about what gifts you are going to buy for family and friends. If you have an elderly loved one, you will almost definitely have heard them say ‘I don’t need anything!’ or that ‘you shouldn’t waste your money’. If you want to get them a gift for Christmas, this can make things quite tricky! Rather than a boring toiletry set, our Christmas Gift Guide has a few ideas which would make great gifts for the older people in your life.

Homemade gifts and crafts are always more special than a store-bought gift. If your craft creations are more woeful than wonderful, there are plenty of places you can purchase something, such as websites like Etsy which specialise in handmade crafts, or keep an eye out for craft fairs in the run up to Christmas. A customised photo frame, a new knitted scarf or a colourful suncatcher are just some gift ideas you will be able to find here.

There are now hundreds of services which allow you to get your photos printed into books, or even onto household furnishings. A favourite picture of a pet or grandchild would look great on a cushion or blanket for their armchair.

New technology isn’t just for kids, there are plenty of gadgets which could improve the life of your elderly loved ones. If your loved one is a bookworm but now struggles with the small print in books, you could consider getting them an eReader which would allow them to increase the size of the text. Alternatively, a membership to an audiobook service would allow them to listen to their favourite classic and new releases without the need for books.

Another great idea is to get them a virtual assistant such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which can be especially useful for older people with poor eyesight. For simple questions like ‘What time is it?’ or ‘What will the weather be like tomorrow?’, they can also play the radio and music streaming services without the need for fiddling with buttons or dials.

Aside from any physical gifts, the greatest and most appreciated gift would be your time. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the busy festive season, so taking time out to see and spend time with them is even more valuable. It will also allow you to check they are doing well in the colder, darker weather. Whatever you decide to get for your loved ones, we hope your Christmas preparations are stress-free!


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