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Sally Graham

In support of Dementia Action Week

At Avant, we provide care and support to many customers that have dementia. All our care workers and managers are given training in dealing with supporting people with dementia – it is a rewarding part of our jobs and a vital service to the local community.

Busting the myths

There are some misconceptions about dementia, which is why Dementia Action Week and the work of Dementia Friends, part of the Alzheimer’s Society, are so important to me, to our company, and to the care community as a whole. Avant want to encourage everyone to learn more about dementia, so we can all help enhance the lives of those affected by it.

It’s really important that we support and value people with dementia, ensuring they live their lives as they want to. As long as those with the condition are supported well, they can live at home if that is their choice. To do this, they need a highly effective personal plan of care and support from a range of people.

Supporting people – and their loved ones

We have a number of customers with dementia that really cherish going out for a walk and a cup of tea in their local cafe. Having tea and cake with their carer once or twice a week really seems to lift their spirits and enhance their day. Exercise and socialising is important to people with dementia, and helps them lead a fulfilled life.

It’s also really important to offer support to the families and friends of people with dementia. We invest time in giving our team training and guidance on this and how to best work with families with respect, dignity and sensitivity.

Choosing the right care company

When it comes to finding suitable care for a loved one with dementia, check a care company’s website for information about the support they offer, both to those with the condition and their families. Ring them, you should quickly learn if they’re suitable as carers.

You can also use the UKHCA guide on choosing the right care company, and of course word of mouth recommendations are also valuable.

Please support Dementia Action Week in any way you can. The more we can raise awareness, the better society understands how to support and care for those with dementia.


Sally Graham
Managing Director

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