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Care home pole dancers

Pole dancing story highlights importance of personalised care

Last week saw something of a media frenzy after it was revealed that a Dorset care home had hired local pole dancers as an afternoon’s entertainment for their residents.

It was quickly branded inappropriate by local councillors. But lost in some of the coverage was an important fact: the residents had chosen their own entertainment from a list of options. Both men and women living in the home were in attendance, and from the photos they clearly enjoyed the show.

The story highlights something that’s central to the provision of quality care – that it’s highly personalised. The tired stereotypes of older people all being happy simply watching television or doing a crossword is highly outdated and attempts to paint all of us with a single brush stroke. People are different, and their care must be too.

At Avant we pride ourselves on flexibility, getting to know our clients and their families well so that we can deliver appropriate care for each of them. On our website you’ll find the belief that lies at the heart of our attitude to providing first-class services:

We find out exactly what makes our customers tick, a truly different caring approach

That means recognising each person for who they are and what they want and need, not prescribing care from a pre-set list of checkboxes. We tailor our care plans to each individual we support, focusing on them and not us.

When we’re younger we celebrate our differences – indeed, reality television shows make celebrities out of those who veer from the centre ground. So why should it be any different as we get older? We have different tastes, backgrounds and experiences, so to think we’d all want the same care in our later years is bizarre to us.

Personal care means just that. And while we’re not offering pole dancing exhibitions just yet, we’ll continue to take pride in the flexible approach we take to meetings our clients’ needs.


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